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Arriving at School

MASIS provides supervision starting at 6:45am. Parents/Guardians should not leave students on school grounds before this time, since they will not be supervised by school personnel. All students will use the back gate to enter school grounds during arrival time. The back gate will be closed at 8:30am. Students who arrive late must then enter through the Main Office at this time. When Preschool and Elementary School students arrive, they must stay with the teacher who is on duty at the back gate and enter the classroom when the teacher takes them. Parents are not allowed to visit classrooms at this time, given that teachers are getting ready to receive the students. Middle School and High School students will go to the courtyard and stay there until the bell rings, at which point they will report to their homeroom period. Students are not allowed in building C unless supervised by a school staff member.


PLEASE BE ALSO AWARE THAT STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED in any of the adjacent buildings and/or areas not related to MASIS beforehand after school. These areas are considered off limits to all students and violations to this norm will be dealt with accordingly.

Holidays and Absences

To guarantee the student’s academic success and comply with class work, parents must avoid extending official holidays and/or planning family trips during school time. In the event of an unexpected situation where the student needs to be absent, parents must send a written request to the School Director who will determine the justification in order to authorize the absence. Parents and students are responsible for their material and to comply with school work. Assessments or exams will NOT be issued to students before they go on a scheduled absence.


Excused Absences

Absences will be considered excused upon receipt of a signed written explanation from the Parent/Guardian. The note must be presented to and signed by each teacher whose classes the student missed. This note must be returned to the homeroom teacher at the end of the day. Only then, the student will be permitted to make up the missed work/assessment.

Absences and Tardiness Protocol

The following procedure will be followed to ensure student’s attendance: 1.Teachers send first report to the School Director’s Office regarding excessive absences (3) and/or tardiness (5); 2.A letter will be sent to parent notifying of excessive absences and/or tardiness; 3.If a student accumulates eleven (11) or more tardiness, he/she will be duly reported to the Departamento de la Familia de Puerto Rico.


An easy way of teaching discipline and the importance of following rules is by the correct use of uniforms. MASIS has comfortable uniforms with several options to choose from, but there are still some restrictions. All students are required to wear MASIS’s official uniform unless instructed otherwise. The uniform must always be kept clean, in good condition, and worn as specified. The school will strictly enforce the regular daily uniform. A copy of the dress code has been placed on the classroom bulletin board for easy reference. To make sure we have uniformity within our students these are the alternatives that the families have for their children:


Regular Uniform:  Girls: school white polo shirt with emblem, school khaki Bermuda shorts, khaki culottes (skirts) or khaki school pants with double pleated front worn at the waist, no low-rise or hipster pants allowed. The culottes and pants must be the appropriate size meaning loose fit, not skin-tight. The uniform also includes socks and sneakers or school type shoes.  Boys: school white polo shirt with school emblem, school khaki pants or Bermuda shorts with double pleated front, belt, socks, and sneakers or school type shoes.


School Jacket: Only the school’s distinctive jacket with the school logo will be accepted. No other coat will be allowed.


Physical Education Uniform: MAS Integrated School MASIS Inc. Student-Parent Handbook Boys and Girls: Gray Physical Education T-shirt and long/short green sport pants with school emblem. Sneakers must be in good conditions. Students should wear PE uniform all day on PE days.

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