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At MASIS School, we provide quality education to students in the western region of Puerto Rico across all levels, ranging from preschool to high school. Our experienced teachers use innovative teaching approaches that promote critical thinking, personal growth, and academic excellence. We offer a diverse range of academic subjects to help our students achieve their full potential. Click here to learn more about our academic programs.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies program at MASIS School focuses on developing our students' understanding of the world, its people, and their cultures. Our curriculum explores the past and present, and encourages critical thinking and analysis of global issues. 

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Our Science program at MASIS School is designed to inspire curiosity and exploration. Our students learn about the natural world and its phenomena through hands-on experiments and activities that develop their scientific thinking skills. 



Mathematics is an essential subject for all students, and our program at MASIS School is designed to provide a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and skills. We focus on problem-solving and critical thinking to help our students excel in their future academic pursuits. 


Literature Arts

Our Literature Arts program at MASIS School promotes a love of reading and writing through a diverse range of texts and genres. Our students learn to analyze and interpret literature, as well as express their own ideas through writing. 


Art is an important part of our curriculum at MASIS School, as it allows our students to express themselves creatively and develop their artistic abilities. Our program includes a variety of mediums and techniques, and encourages experimentation and individuality.

We also offer an after-school program.


Physical Education

Our Physical Education program at MASIS School promotes an active lifestyle and healthy habits. Our students learn about the importance of fitness and nutrition, as well as develop their physical coordination and skills through a variety of sports and activities. 

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