Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Based on student's own impressions, MASIS is a safe, welcoming and exciting place for them! The relationship between students and faculty is a reflection of the values that the school emphasizes. But when choosing a school to enroll one must also consider the school's academic standard. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes in life, here at MASIS we help students with the tools they need to overcome the challenges they face in school and may face after they graduate.

Our curriculum and faculty help students feel confident in their actions and in themselves, this comes true when students work hands on activities in class, such as debates, group discussions, and breaking news analysis among others. Here at MASIS we encourage our students to trust in our faculty as well as in themselves. We encourage students to trust their talents and skills and apply them in their everyday life. Creativity is something that motivates not only students but also teachers and faculty. This particular theme is clearly seen through events such as Talent Shows, Annual Camping, Math Olympics, Science Fair, and others. We encourage our students to be creative and always think out of the box.

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