Support During Distance Learning

Our community has transformed due to situations out of our control and that is the reason we ventured into an uncharted territory such as distance learning. However, our students' safety and education are our main concerns and we work tirelessly to ensure both. Even so, we are also learning in this process and we may need to make adjustments to out strategies along the way as we experience this together. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this process. 

We have organized ourselves to provide support during this process for our faculty and community members. Some of the ways we have done so are listed:

  • Parent workshops to guide the transition from Edmodo to Classroom

  • Self-help documents posted in our school website's "Distance Learning" section

  • YouTube channel with video tutorials: visit and subscribe to our channel here.

  • MASIS has a Student/Parent's Hub for help during distance learning, visit it here.

  • If you are unsure about an assignment, contact the teacher.

  • Lost your password? Email our tech support, Teacher Jaclyn Abbott, here.