Suggested Guidelines and Expectations

Suggested Parent Guidelines

  • Designate a physical space for your child's studying to take place.

  • Establish routines and expectations for your child:

    • Check-in in the morning​

    • Set a schedule to complete virtual meetings and assignments, taking into consideration times for snacks and lunch.

  • Monitor communications made from your child's accounts.​

  • Sign up for Guardian Summaries in Google Classroom and monitor Skiffer regularly.

  • Establish times away from screens and remain mindful of how much time they are spending online beyond the necessary classwork (video games and others) and suggest offline activities.

  • Encourage physical activities, exercise, and reflection.

  • Set rules around social media interactions while your child is online. 

Suggested Student Guidelines

  • Establish your daily routine as you would when attending school in person (eat breakfast and be ready to begin classwork at 8:00 AM)

  • Identify a comfortable, well-lit, quiet and appropriate space in your home to work from. 

  • Monitor online platforms regularly (Google Classroom, etc)

  • Practice academic honesty and show your integrity when completing classwork. Plagiarism is not accepted in our school under any circumstances. 

  • Make an effort to meet timelines and due dates.

  • Communicate effectively with teachers and peers. If deadlines cannot be met or you need additional support in completing a task, please communicate with your teacher before the due date.

  • Practice good online etiquette. Your main thought should always be, if you wouldn't say it face-to-face, don't post it online. Be mindful when writing messages, as tone and intent are very subjective in online formats. 

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