1.Creating Student's Accounts Edmodo

Please remember the first account to create is the student’s account. Said account should comply with the following rules:

o    Have the student’s full and legal name (no nicknames)
o    The username should reflect the student’s name as well
o    Profile photos should be appropriate for an official school account. 

The process of creating a student account is available on MASIS’ YouTube channel.

Here are the videos:

 Creating accounts-English

 Crear cuenta - Español

 2. Creating Parents' Accounts Edmodo

You may create a parent’s account (especially useful for those who have multiple children to be able to keep track of their pending assignments).

There is an Edmodo App for Parents, where you can link all of your children’s account to stay up-to-date on their upcoming assignments:

 3. Communication and Account Help


  • If you forget a password, please email us and we will send you a new one as soon as possible.                                            

  • Communication between staff/faculty and parents will take place between 8:00AM-3:00PM.                                                  

  • Changing your display name: IF you abbreviated your name or misspelled it, log in via a computer. Click your user icon or photo, then clicking Settings. There you will go to the bottom of the page and edit your display name.



In the Campaigner, we wrote the FIRST code you will enter for the first class to add. However, on the right side of the email you will find an image that has all the codes for the rest of the classes. You need to add these as well. Here is a video to guide you through the process: 


Añadir clases Español

If you have enrolled in a course that you don’t belong to, you can withdraw following these steps:

o    iOS/iPhone: Select Classes, click on the class you want to remove, on the top menu click on the three periods (…) next to the plus (+) sign. Then, click settings. At the bottom of that menu you will find the option to Leave Class.

o    On the computer: Go to Classes and on the bottom of the rectangle that says the class’ name, you will see three periods (…). Click them, then click “Withdraw.”

•    SSL classes are Spanish as a Second Language. Only a handful of students are enrolled in these classes. Any student who accidentally signed up will be withdrawn from these classes. 

•    We are constantly monitoring the platform, which mean we are also eliminating students who have enrolled in the wrong class. 

 Join classes -English

We have made a video tutorial on how to turn in assignments using your phone’s camera. You can find the video here:

 5. Turning in   assignments   (Homework)

We also have videos available on how to turn in assignments in Microsoft Word format. You can find them here:

Turn in assignments using of  Photos English

Adjuntar documentos  Word   Español

If Microsoft Word is needed to turn in an assignment, Edmodo has a built-in Microsoft Word online editor. This means you can open the assignment, click Create, and then select Microsoft Word to begin working on your assignment. 

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