MASIS School Digital Resources

All of the digital resources we will be using are cloud-based, which means they are accessed through the internet. Students will use their Google account and apps to create, store, and share all files necessary. This is why Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers are necessary for the upcoming school year (2020-2021). Stable internet connection is also necessary. 

The following are necessary digital tools that support our Distance Learning Plan: ​

  • A Chromebook/tablet/laptop

    • Google Chrome browser with the Chrome profile logged in to take advantage of any add-ons installed on our domain. To view a video on how to assign a Chrome profile to your browser, click here. ​

  • Internet connectivity

  • Skiffer

  • Google Apps for Education (Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs, Calendar, etc.)

    • Google Meet will be used for class meetings (1 per week per class)

  • Google Classroom​

    • Our platform for the 2020-2021 school year where our teachers and students will asynchronously interact ​

    • Teachers will announce assignments, post instructional videos, announce Meets (and schedule them in Google Calendar for the class) and students will access content, videos, resources, assessments, and tests, and will interact with the teacher and other classmates. 

    • Passed evaluation by Common Sense Education for privacy concerns (link).

    • This platform is secure and limited to access within our domain ( and is directly monitored by teachers and school administration. ​

  • Digital licenses that accompany school books

  • Other educational websites and resources such as: Nearpod, Flocabulary, Flipgrid (video and photo sharing-- privacy rating here), Canva for Education, Khan Academy, GoNoodle, Book Creator, Screencastify (privacy rating), and others. 

  • Our school's website-

  • Our school's social media account may be used to draw attention to any relevant information sent via our official communication channels, which are our Campaigner emails and our website.