MASIS' Students Acceptable Computer and Internet Use Policy

MASIS School provides access to the internet in our campus as we recognize the value it can add to our education by integrating technological tools and therefor enhancing our curriculum. We also see how it can provide different learning opportunities that would otherwise be missed if using traditional methods of teaching. At the same time, we recognize that the internet provides access to unregulated content and communication, and it is of the utmost importance that we establish usage policies to ensure lawful, safe, and appropriate use of the resources. Said internet network may only be used for legitimate academic purposes. 

The use of internet and school-owned devices is a privilege, not a right. Students are required to comply with this policy and its rules. Those who do not comply, can have this privilege revoked at any time and may face disciplinary action. The school administration reserves the right to monitor all computer and internet usage in campus, whether on school-owned devices or personal devices being used. Students will have no expectation of privacy in their use of school computers.

While MASIS School will strive to monitor all usage, we cannot reasonably prevent all inappropriate usage. The school is  also not responsible for the quality of information obtained while conducting research, although students will be, and always have been, informed of how to identify quality websites.

Computer Users

School-owned Computers and Devices

Anyone using Chromebooks, computers, tablets, mobile phones, digital or video cameras, MP3 players, portable video game consoles, or any other digital technology must comply with our school's Acceptable Computer and Internet Usage Policy. This includes students, teachers, teacher's assistants, non-teaching staff, visitors, and any other person present in our campus. All users are expected to act responsibly and to consider others. When using a school-owned device, you are agreeing to comply to the school's Acceptable Use Policy. When using your school e-mail account and Google Apps, you are also agreeing to comply to this policy, even when doing so outside of the school campus. 

The school's computers and other technological devices are provided to support  teachers and pupils in the learning process. Said devices are not to be used to store any personal files or information. These can be deleted at any moment, without warning, to conserve storage space for proper usage and protect personal information. 

Users must not alter any school owned device or attempt to alter internet settings. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Download, store or install software onto school computers.

  • Introduce a virus, malicious code, or spyware to a device or the network, or sending any type of these using the school's email accounts or Google apps, such as, but not limited to, Google Drive.

  • Trying to access another user's account or information.

  • Trying to access an area, system, or folder that they are not allowed to use.

  • Attempting to hack software or systems.

  • Connecting a personal router or converting any device into a router or server. 

  • Connecting devices to networks not owned by the school. 

  • Accessing, downloading, creating, sharing, storing or transmitting any material that conflicts with the values, mission, vision, and student expectations of our school.

  • Creating accounts that go against our school's values, mission, vision, and/or student expectations using your school issued email address.

Internet Usage

Our school's internet service is filtered and there is a record of all the web-pages visited. Some general rules are to be followed when using the school's internet service:

  • Social media is not accessed from school campus, whether on school owned equipment or personal devices.

  • Users must not copy and use material form the internet to gain unfair advantage in the studies (sites such as Chegg, for example). 

  • Users must not illegally download any content (music, movies, and others) or disobey copyright laws when copying or using material from the Internet. If using web content as a source, credit must be given and said information should be stated as a quote, not implied to be the student's own words. 

  • Live streaming is prohibited in the school campus.